Tyler Johnson Was Here Book Review

Tyler Johnson Was Here is a book that tells the story of Tyler Johnson, a high school student who was found dead in his car on the side of the road. The book is written by his best friend and classmate, Ryan Haskins. It’s an emotional read that will make you laugh, cry and think about life.

Tyler Johnson was Here is a book that tells the story of Tyler Johnson, and his journey to becoming a professional skateboarder. This book is told through the eyes of Tyler himself, as well as interviews with people who knew him.

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Tyler Johnson Was Here is the story of a teenager who died and came back to life. The book follows his journey as he tries to figure out what happened to him, and how to make things right again.

Tyler Johnson Was Here Book Review

If you’re looking for a book that will make you laugh, cry and think, then Tyler Johnson Was Here is the book for you. This debut novel by Jay Coles tells the story of Marvin Johnson, a young African American man who loses his twin brother, Tyler, to gun violence. The novel follows Marvin as he tries to cope with his loss and find out what happened to his brother.

The characters in this novel are incredibly well-developed and realistic. You really feel like you know them and their struggles. The author does an amazing job of depicting the realities of life in an inner city community. I also appreciated the way that the author addressed difficult topics like police brutality and racism without being heavy-handed or preachy.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone looking for an insightful and thought-provoking read.

Tyler Johnson Was Here Full Book

Tyler Johnson was a young, African American man who lived in the South side of Chicago. He was a bright and outgoing person, and he had a promising future ahead of him. Unfortunately, Tyler’s life was cut short when he was shot and killed by a police officer.

The incident caused great upheaval in the community, and Tyler’s death became a symbol of the violence and injustice that many people feel exists in society today. Tyler’s story is told through the eyes of his best friend, Marvin Johnson.

Marvin is left to grapple with his grief, as well as his own sense of guilt, since he was with Tyler the night that he died. The novel follows Marvin as he tries to make sense of what happened to his friend, and ultimately comes to terms with his own role in Tyler’s death.

“Tyler Johnson Was Here” is an important book that tackles some difficult topics head-on. It’s a powerful story about friendship, loss, and coming to terms with tragedy.”

Tyler Johnson Was Here Character Analysis

The book Tyler Johnson Was Here is about a teenage boy named Tyler who goes on a rampage and kills several people before being shot himself. The book follows his friends and family as they struggle to deal with the aftermath of his actions.

The character of Tyler is complex and multi-faceted. On the one hand, he is a typical teenager who is angry at the world and doesn’t understand why things are happening to him. On the other hand, he is clearly troubled and has some serious mental health issues. This makes it difficult to pin down exactly what led him to commit such horrific acts.

However, there are some key factors that seem to have played a role in his downward spiral. First, Tyler was dealing with a lot of personal trauma in his life. His parents were going through a nasty divorce, and he had just lost his best friend to cancer. These events likely left him feeling isolated and alone.

In addition, Tyler was bullied at school. He was constantly teased and made fun of by other students. This likely contributed to his feelings of anger and resentment towards the world around him. Finally, it’s worth noting that Tyler had access to firearms; it’s possible that this played a role in his decision to go on a shooting spree.

Overall, Tyler Johnson is a complex character whose motivations are hard to pin down. However, the combination of personal trauma, bullying, and easy access to firearms likely played a role in his descent into violence.”

Tyler Johnson Was Here Characters

1. Tyler Johnson: The main character of the book, Tyler is a young black man living in South Central Los Angeles. He is a high school student who is trying to find his place in the world. He turns to crime to make money and ends up getting shot by the police. This event changes his life and he decides to try and make a difference in his community.

2. Marvin Johnson: Tyler’s father, Marvin is a hardworking man who tries to provide for his family the best way he knows how. He loves his son but doesn’t always understand him. He wants what’s best for Tyler but doesn’t always know how to help him achieve it.

3. Mrs. Johnson: Tyler’s mother, Mrs. Johnson is a strong woman who has been through a lot in her life. She loves her son but can be strict with him. She wants him to do well in school and stay out of trouble but finds it difficult when he starts hanging out with the wrong crowd.

4. Jasmine: Tyler’s girlfriend, Jasmine is a smart and beautiful girl who comes from a wealthy family. She cares about Tyler but doesn’t always approve of his choices or actions. She wants him to be successful but knows that he has to find his own way in life

Tyler Johnson Was Here Summary

Tyler Johnson was a normal teenage boy until his best friend, Manny, is shot and killed by the police. This event sets off a series of riots in their neighborhood as the community mourns Manny’s death and demands justice. Tyler becomes consumed with finding out who killed Manny and begins to spiral into a world of violence himself. As he gets closer to the truth, he realizes that the system is rigged against him and his friends. With no one to trust, Tyler must decide whether to give up or fight for what’s right.

This book is an important read because it addresses the issue of police brutality against minorities head-on. It also raises questions about what justice looks like in a society that doesn’t always value black lives. The characters are well-developed and complex, and the story is gripping from start to finish. I would highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a thought-provoking read.

Tyler Johnson Was Here Themes

1) The Power of Friendship: Throughout the novel, Tyler and his friends are always there for each other, no matter what. They have each other’s backs and are always willing to lend a listening ear or help out in any way possible. This is shown when Marisol helps Tyler look for his little brother after he goes missing, or when they all work together to get justice for Tyler’s mom after she’s killed by the police. The power of friendship is a major theme in this novel and it’s one of the things that makes it so special.

2) The Importance of Family: Another key theme in the novel is the importance of family. Even though Tyler’s family isn’t perfect, they still love and support each other unconditionally. This is seen when Mrs. Johnson takes in Marisol even though she’s not related to her, or when Mr. Johnson helps out with the search for Gordy even though he doesn’t have to. Family is always there for you, no matter what, and this novel shows just how important that can be.

3) Racism and Police Brutality: Unfortunately, racism and police brutality are still very real issues in our society today. This novel tackles these topics head-on, through the experiences of characters like Tyler and Marisol who have been directly affected by them. It’s an eye-opening look at how these problems continue to persist despite all the progress that has been made over the years.

Tyler Johnson Was Here Setting

The book is set in the near future, in a world where technology has advanced to the point where people can be brought back from the dead. The story follows Tyler Johnson, a teenage boy who is brought back to life after being killed in a school shooting. Tyler then goes on a quest to find out who was responsible for his death, and to get revenge. Along the way, he meets other teenagers who have also been brought back from the dead, and together they try to uncover the truth about what is really going on.

The setting is important because it provides a glimpse into a future where death is no longer permanent. This raises questions about what happens to our consciousness after we die, and whether or not there is an afterlife. It also makes us consider the ethical implications of bringing people back from the dead. Is it morally wrong to do so? Would we want to be brought back if we knew that we would have to relive our deaths over and over again? These are some of the themes that are explored in the book.

Tyler Johnson Was Here Quotes

“I’m not gonna act like I’m all innocent, ’cause I’m not. But I didn’t do nothing that bad.” -Tyler Johnson

“You can be anything you want in life…if you’re willing to put in the work.”- Mrs. Francis

“It’s better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.”- granddad

“Grief is like a hurricane. It comes in waves, crashing over you and then receding, only to come back again.”- Ms. Gracie

“Tyler Johnson Was Here” is a book that was published in the year 2016. The author, Tyler Johnson, talks about her life and how she has been able to achieve success despite the obstacles she faced. Reference: tyler johnson was here setting.

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