Khalil Herbert Or Devontae Booker

Khalil Herbert and Devontae Booker are two of the best NFL running backs in the league. They have both been very successful, but their career paths have taken very different turns. Khalil Herbert is still playing football while Devontae Booker retired from football to pursue a career in music.

Khalil Herbert is a running back for the Denver Broncos. He has been with the team since 2013, and he was drafted in 2014.

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I’m Khalil Herbert, and this is my blog about Devontae Booker. I’ll be discussing all things Booker including his skills, game film footage, stats, and anything else that pops into my head!

Khalil Herbert: Who is he?

Khalil Herbert is a professional football player who currently plays for the Kansas City Chiefs of the National Football League (NFL). He was drafted by the Chiefs in the sixth round of the 2019 NFL Draft. Prior to playing professionally, Herbert played college football for the University of Oregon.

Khalil Herbert: His career

Khalil Herbert is a running back who plays for the Kansas City Chiefs of the National Football League (NFL). He played college football at the University of Oklahoma, and was drafted by the Chiefs in the sixth round of the 2020 NFL Draft.

Herbert began his collegiate career as a backup to Joe Mixon. As a sophomore, he became the starter after Mixon was injured. In his junior season, he rushed for 1,491 yards and nine touchdowns. After his junior year, he decided to forgo his senior season and declare for the 2020 NFL Draft.

Herbert was drafted by the Chiefs in the sixth round with the 216th overall pick in the 2020 NFL Draft.

Khalil Herbert: His stats

Khalil Herbert is a running back for the Kansas City Chiefs. In his rookie season, he had 274 rushing yards and one touchdown. In 2019, his second season, he had 838 rushing yards and five touchdowns. He also had 250 receiving yards and one touchdown reception.

Devontae Booker: Who is he?

Devontae Booker is a running back for the NFL’s Denver Broncos. He was drafted out of Utah in the 4th round of the 2016 NFL Draft.

Booker had a productive college career, racking up over 3,000 yards from scrimmage and 25 touchdowns in his four years with the Utes. He also proved to be a capable receiver, catching 87 passes for nearly 700 yards during his time at Utah.

At 5’11” and 219 pounds, Booker has good size for an NFL running back. He also has good speed, having run a 4.48-second 40-yard dash at his Pro Day prior to the draft.

During his rookie season with the Broncos, Booker took over as the team’s primary running back after starter C.J. Anderson suffered a season-ending knee injury. He finished the year with 612 rushing yards and four touchdowns on 152 carries (4 YPC). He also caught 31 passes for 265 yards (8.6 YPC) and another touchdown through the air.

Booker should once again be the Broncos’ lead back in 2017, as Anderson is still recovering from his injury and backup Jamaal Charles is nearing the end of his career. With a full season as Denver’s starter under his belt, Booker could be in line for a breakout campaign in 2017 as he looks to lead the Broncos’ backfield into the future

Devontae Booker: His career

Devontae Booker was drafted by the Denver Broncos in the fourth round of the 2016 NFL Draft. He played college football at Utah, and was considered one of the best running backs in his class.

Booker’s rookie season was cut short by a wrist injury that landed him on injured reserve. He returned healthy in 2017 and became the Broncos’ primary running back, rushing for over 1,000 yards and five touchdowns.

In 2018, Booker signed a two-year extension with the Broncos worth $11 million. He is currently entering his fourth NFL season and is expected to once again be the team’s lead back.

Throughout his career, Devontae Booker has shown himself to be a reliable and productive running back. He has rushed for over 2,500 yards and 11 touchdowns in three seasons, while also catching 79 passes for 648 yards and four touchdowns.

Entering 2019, Devontae Booker is poised for another big season as he looks to help lead the Denver Broncos back to contention in the AFC West.

Devontae Booker: His stats

Devontae Booker is a running back for the Denver Broncos. He was drafted in the 4th round of the 2016 NFL Draft. He played college football at Utah.

Booker has been a solid player for the Broncos since he was drafted. In his rookie season, he rushed for 612 yards and 4 touchdowns. He also had 31 receptions for 265 yards and 1 touchdown. His best season so far came in 2017, when he rushed for 1,066 yards and 7 touchdowns. He also had 31 receptions for 275 yards and 1 touchdown that year.

2018 was a down year for Booker, as he only rushed for 544 yards and 2 touchdowns. However, he did have 47 receptions for 354 yards and 1 touchdown.

So far in his career, Devontae Booker has shown that he can be a productive running back in the NFL. He has run for over 1,000 yards in a season before, and he is also a decent receiver out of the backfield. While 2018 was not his best season statistically, Booker still has plenty of time to improve and become an even better player in 2019 and beyond.”

Khalil Herbert vs Devontae Booker: Who is better?

The answer to this question is far from clear cut. Both players have their own unique set of skills and abilities that make them both valuable assets to any team. However, when pitted against each other, there are a few key areas where Khalil Herbert clearly has the upper hand.

To start, let’s take a look at their college production. In his final season at Kansas, Herbert rushed for over 1,900 yards and nine touchdowns while averaging an impressive 6.5 yards per carry. Meanwhile, Booker put up much less impressive numbers in his final year at Utah State, rushing for just over 1,200 yards and 11 touchdowns while averaging a measly 3.8 yards per carry. Clearly, Herbert was the more productive player in college and it’s not even close.

But production isn’t everything ufffd plenty of talented players have failed to produce at the next level due to a lack of athleticism or size. This is where Khalil Herbert really shines. He ran a 4.64 second 40-yard dash at the NFL combine (despite weighing in at over 215 pounds), which is very good for a player of his size. He also posted a vertical jump of 39 inches and an impressive broad jump of 10 feet, four inches ufffd both among the best marks for running backs at the combine this year. His combination of size and speed makes him a tough matchup for any defense, especially when you factor in his elusiveness and ability to make defenders miss in space.

On the other hand, Devontae Booker was not nearly as impressive athletically speaking. He ran a 4.69 second 40-yard dash at his pro day (he did not participate in the combine due to an injury) and posted mediocre numbers across the board in terms of size and explosiveness measures like vertical jump and broad jump.. Even though Booker is listed as being five pounds heavier than Khalil Herbert on most websites (215 vs 210), it’s worth noting that he actually looked smaller than Herbert when they stood side by side during pre-draft workouts.. As far as athleticism goes, Khalil Herbert has a clear advantage over Devontae Booker..

Now let’s talk about vision and patience ufffd two important traits for any successful running back.. When watching film on both players , it’s evident that Khalil Herbert possesses much better vision than Devontae Booker.. He consistently makes one-cut reads , hits holes with speed ,and knows how to find open space without dancing around too much behind the line of scrimmage . On many occasions , he makes something out of nothing by turning what should be minimal gains into big plays . Simply put , he does an excellent job reading blocks and finding ways to pick up extra yardage . Devontae Booker , on the other hand , often looks lost behind the line of scrimmage . He lacks patience , often hesitating before making his move which allows defenders to close in on him before he can get going . This often results in negative plays or minimal gains instead of potential big runs . All things considered , Khalil Herbert is once again superior to Devontae Booker when it comes to vision and patience ..

Last but not least let’s discuss ball security ufffd arguably THE most important trait for any running back .. In terms fumbles,. Khalil Herbert only had three fumbles total during his collegiate career (one every 163 touches) while Devontae Booker had seven fumbles (one every 94 touches). That means that Khalil Herbert fumble once every 55 times he touched the ball more than Devontae Booker did .. And considering that fumbling can be such a costly mistake (just ask former New York Giants’ running back Tiki Barber), it’s safe to say that Khalil Herbert is better in this area as well..

To sum it all up,.Khalil herbertis clearly superior tto devontee bookerin several key areas: production,, athleticism,,vision /patience,,and ball security., It’s no wonder why many experts consider him oneof teh toprunningback prospectsin this year ‘s draft class ..


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